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hello. i'm amy. unfortunately not of the poehler variety

australian. in love with everything. occasionally nsfw

harry styles icon by kalebiru.


I suddenly wanted to draw potatoes and got carried away. If I keep adding more maybe I can turn it into a poster and stick it in front of my desk *﹃*

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a strip club but instead of naked women its cute dogs that you give dog treats to for them to do tricks

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Soda Fountain

Harry crossing his legs gives me life.

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Fancy (2014) / Clueless (1995)

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disney princesses and the cute faces they make 

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All of the costumes and the fabrications for Inception were carefully chosen for their texture, patterns, and colors. Each character had a palette that was symbiotic with their character and style. - Jeffrey Kurland  (x)

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This is important to me on like a spiritual level


This is important to me on like a spiritual level

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